Youth are striking for climate action — we stand with them.

If you are a Canadian scientist or scholar, please sign the following open letter in support of the Youth Climate Strike / Fridays for Future movements. We are a grassroots initiative modeled after the German-speaking and we do not have institutional or political support.

As Canadian scientists and scholars, we stand with the youth climate strikers.

The concerns of the Youth Climate Strike / Fridays for Future movements are backed by scientific consensus. Current emissions targets and other measures to protect our biosphere, biodiversity, and ecosystems are seriously lacking, and inadequate to ensure we limit global temperature rise to 1.5 °C. The science on climate is clear, and action must be taken immediately to halt climate change. We must follow their lead and stand with the youth whose futures are at stake. Given that we, as a community, understand the science and urgency of the climate crisis, we stand in solidarity with the climate strikers.

We echo their demands that governments, and in particular the Canadian government, honour their promise to uphold the Paris Agreement, and respond to the IPCC Special Report with meaningful plans to address the climate crisis.

The list of current signatories can be found here (updated daily).

Please share the letter.